Why did I get higher prices because of my prescription history?

Sometimes our big data and technology find information that affects your pricing.

Let’s say you’re filling out our application and state that you don’t use tobacco, but our behind-the-scenes database search finds a record for a drug (like Chantix®) that suggests you are or were a tobacco smoker — your monthly rate will increase.

Because of the nature of our underwriting process (i.e. no medical exam), we rely on data from our technology partners for risk factors in addition to any information you provide in our online form. If your prescription history indicates that you have a medical condition, you may be considered a higher risk to insure, which means you’ll likely have a higher monthly rate.

In these situations, sometimes applicants can get a lower monthly rate through the traditional means of buying a life insurance policy (i.e. a medical exam and lab tests) to get a holistic view of your health and medical history. We’re constantly working on improving and expanding insurability to better serve all of our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your rate results, and we can take a closer look.